National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

August 3, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwiches? I’m definitely #BoutThatLife!  For me, ice cream is the definition of pure joy.  From babies to little old ladies, this treat brings a smile to everyone that likes to indulge.  Add to that some soft chocolate wafers and the joy just compounds.  So imagine  the pitter pat I felt in my heart when I saw this sign while walking to work yesterday!

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day????? What?  No one told me. But I played it cool and made a note to visit Jacques Torres for lunch.  No salad, no soup! I was having dessert for lunch.  Clearly it was the right thing to do!

Now my love affair for ice cream sandwiches began a long time ago, thanks to my Grandfather, RIP.   It was one of our special treats. That and beer…shhh, my Granny doesn’t know about the secret sips. LOL.  My grandfather Palmer Lee,  always kept a box on hand to make sure his “Sport” (I have NO idea why he called me that) was taken care of.  Well the little boy down the street must have known about this too because I caught him in the act, stealing my treats one day!!!!!!!!  The drama queen in me lost it.  I cried so loud and so hard, you would have thought I’d lost my best friend. Dude was unfazed and that made me even more upset.  Turns out, he was a special needs child so we couldn’t call the police like I suggested. Yes, I wanted to call the police! I already told you I was a drama queen. #DontJudgeMe

Well fast forward a few years and ice cream sandwiches are all the way turned up. Chocolate wafers no longer makes the cut.  It’s all about the gourmet sandwiches these days and I LOVE IT!  Artisanal ice cream is what’s hot in the streets! And sandwiching that loveliness in between donuts, chocolate chip cookies or almond florentine is #Everything!!!

The great thing about this new wave of ice cream sandwiches is that you can create your own masterpiece. Imagine a  chargrilled Krispy Kreme donut sliced in half and served with Coconut Macadamia Gelato. That sounds so freakin good. Now if you steal my idea, I want 10% of all profits. Cool?

Now in full disclosure, I did go to Jacques Torres for lunch yesterday, but I didn’t have an ice cream sandwich as planned. I was going to go for the Coconut sorbet and Chocolate chip cookie….

but when I walked in I noticed they had Port Wine Ice cream back in stock.  Yippee! Port Wine Ice Cream is #Everything and I had to have it. I mean especially after I tweeted and called 2 Jacques Torres locations demanding they make more asking when they would have it again. While I love this particular flavor, I didn’t want it with the chocolate chip cookie so I opted for a waffle cone.  Oops, so much for celebrating!

 Two, Three

Did you celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day? What did you have?


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