{Love Stamp} Change in Atmosphere

June 25, 2012

I need a major change in atmosphere! I feel the tears and the emotions building up. That “feeling” in the pit of your stomach that won’t go away because you feel stifled and caged in. The moments you realize and know you just want something very different than what has been “prescribed” for you. The fear of doing something else when you’ve been coasting…surviving…playing the game…for so long!  But this is not my game to play.  I know it. I feel it.

Remember I told you how many of the things that Anais Nin talks about completely resonate with me?  Well when I saw the image below on Pinterest, that “feeling” took complete control of me.  Le sigh…



Let me tell you, the bud is painful!  It hurts…but at times its so protective.  It keeps me safe from failure and defeat. But it’s also very dark and there is no room for growth.  So in order for me to really live deliberately, on purpose and allow my soul to be satisfied, I have to peel back the layers and finally begin to bloom. *and breathe*

I’m Ready for the Sparkle, but right now I feel like I’m just playing with glitter!

  • Anais Nin in her own words on love, sexuality and many things in between.
  • The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan. Please Read!
  • Write your own permission slip and change the world!   Tedx talk with Chris Guillebeau.
  • Life is a grand production!  Tanya Geisler can help you step into your starring role.

I have a feeling me stepping into my starring role will require a passport.  Immersing myself in places like Paris, Toronto, Germany, Australia, South Africa will do the trick. :)


How amazing would it be to wake up and see this? I’ve been to South Africa before but somehow I missed out on the Makanyane Safari Lodge. Clearly, I need to go back! #DearUniverse

  • In other news, I just cried! This has to be the sweetest marriage proposal I’ve ever seen!
  • 40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

Now when I think about weddings, I get distracted by glittery, shiny, sparkly things.  They light up my life!  And this dress by Alexander McQueen has the ability to do just that. Words can’t even express…


Okay whoa…stop the press! So I’m going through the notes I make when considering links and gems I want to share…look at the favorites of Danielle LaPorte and #3 is just so timely and #Everything! Was I not just talking about this? I need food…I need love! *and breathe*

RT @rebeccawalker When one is pretending the entire body revolts. — Anaïs Nin


I love love, so I totally made a sign like this (but better) and posted it near vending machines at work. I’m all about spreading love!  I hope I bought a little slice of joy to someone that day.



Speaking of work, this video is all about Quitting your job in style! OMG, I laughed so hard watching this!

Heard this song a few weeks ago, fell in love, saw the live version a few days later and I was in heaven. The lyrics are everything! Greatest Weapon of All Time!

And alas…this song, I listen to it constantly. Just listen to the lyrics. They are so divine!!!


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Toya | The Limerick Lane June 25, 2012 at 7:50 pm

I need a change of amosphere too! I want to feel sand in between my toes, explore a new terrain, eat new foods and go to sleep under the stars.


T. Nicole June 26, 2012 at 5:08 pm

Falling asleep under the stars sounds like a lovely idea.


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