Coachella in the Rain!

April 13, 2012

As a proud HATER of rain, I’ve sang the “Rain, rain go awayCome again another day” song lots of times. Rain is just inconvenient and won’t let my life be great. I mean, a chica has things to do. Right?

That being said, when it does rain, I’m not one to let it cramp my style! You don’t get a pass for looking crazy in the rain. I’m actually working on a post “Rainy Day Chic” because some of you…ah nevermind.

But about THIS post, LOL!  I’m on my way to Coachella this weekend (in my mind) and I hear it’s going to rain. Yipee! I don’t know why, but for some reason the idea of rain at a music festival makes me happy. I just want to twirl to the music, flirt with the guy standing behind me, have a really good time and look fab doing it!

Coachella in the Rain

Do you like it? Now look, don’t go side-eyeing my outfit just yet. And No, my Granny doesn’t approve but Granny won’t be at Coachella! However, the cute boy standing behind me thinks I look absolutely divine. He can’t keep his eyes off of me. #HeyBoo

Alright let’s break down the outfit.

  • Nasty GalSuspender Shorts – I’m in love and they will dry quickly.
  • Stella McCartneyWhite Tank – Want to keep the look simple and clean so my umbrella shines!
  • Day BirgerHooded Parka – It’s like a trench without all the structure.
  • HunterChunky Heel Rainboots – No explanation needed.
  • BalenciagaBlack Tote – Matches everything and can carry it all.
  • Kenneth Jay LaneTeardrop Earrings – We need a little pizazz and color somewhere.
  • Moschino Cheap and ChicLeopard Umbrella – The pièce de résistance!

Alright, I have to go. Ximena Sarinana is up next.  Get into it!

It’s raining. It sucks. I know. But I’m at Coachella when so many other people wish they could be. So, my mantra for the weekend is to just Keep Calm and Dance in the Rain!!!!!!!!!!


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