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April 4, 2013

This survey was floating around on Facebook a couple of years ago and I just came across it again. Thought it would be fun to share some random facts about me! And since I STILL haven’t done my About Me page…ah let’s not talk about that. LOL


1. I’ve never had a cavity, never broke a bone, never sprained anything, never been stung by a bee and up until a year ago, I had never been hospitalized. (took a tumble down the steps, running for the train)

2. My towels and washcloths have to match. I’m a bit neurotic about it. And if I visit your house and you don’t have matching sets, I will JUDGE you! LOL

3. I tried out for Real World…got a callback, filled out the longest questionnaire ever, got a callback, went to some hotel and let them film me and ask me more questions, got a callback to send them more footage…I freaked out and never did it.

4. When I lived in Germany, some ignorant people used to call me Oreo and “wannabe” white girl…all because I spoke proper English and didn’t wear baggy clothes. I was like, whatever! But deep down, it bothered me

5. I LOVE ultra-feminine women who exude ladylike mannerisms. But most times it’s not anything that they are doing it’s just who they are. They are so radiant to me. As a little girl, I would immediately turn into a little observation deck and then dream about being just like them once I got older. I often find little girls staring at me now…and I just wonder if they are thinking the same thing about me. I hope so :-) *ah, who am I fooling? I’m only 4’10”, they prob just wanna play with me. LOL*

6. I was a super speller when I was younger. I won spelling bees and got some awards. There was one particular neighbor in VA that would invite me to social gatherings at their home just so I could spell “big” words for their guests. Hilarious!

7. I LOVE to read. I am a bookworm. I often read more than one book at a time.

8. I don’t watch T.V. I don’t have cable. But, I will go online to watch Ugly Betty. Oh and I’ve only seen like 6 episodes of Sex in the City. I know, crazy right? **update I watch LOTS of TV now! Scandal, Big Bang Theory, Whitney, Touch, Nurse Jackie, etc.**

9. #8 is odd because deep down I know I’m supposed to be an Actress. So, I should be studying right? Equal to that is – deep down I also know I’m supposed to be in Fashion. Currently, I work for a HUGE network, so I should totally be able to make this happen, right!

10. Fashion and Acting are my 2 passions. It’s where my heart is and where my soul comes to life. Apparently other people recognize this as well including complete strangers. Secretly, I’m afraid.

11. I was in a pageant once, well actually several times…but this particular time my group was asked what we wanted to be when we got older. Everyone was all, I want to be a doctor or I want to be a lawyer, etc. but I responded with “I want to be an actress, singer, dancer and fashion designer.” Some of the girls snickered and laughed while the coordinators prodded me to answer again and be a bit more sensible the 2nd time around. I was floored. And I guess that’s why secretly, I’m afraid. And why I sometimes ask myself why I’m not interested in “regular, normal” things. I don’t want to go to grad school or law school. I don’t want to climb the corporate ladder and figure out how to be EVP. I just want to be me.

12. I LOVE children. Love them. I can’t wait to be a mommy. I want to adopt as well. I also secretly hope that my kids’ friends will call me the “cool mom” and will always want to come to our house.

13. I trust people more than I should. I always see the best in them. So, I am super duper hurt and offended when I find out they are cousins with Lucifer. My Mommy Dearest on the other hand doesn’t trust anyone. We both need BALANCE.

14. My MOMMY DEAREST had me when she was 16 and was hell-bent on not being a statistic. So, she finished H.S., went to college and joined the U.S. Army so she could give me a better life. It took me years to understand and finally appreciate the sacrifices she made for me. I’m so very thankful, now.

15. I was in ROTC in college (trying to please my parents)…ha that was so not my gig. 1st of all, ugly green uniforms – NOT! Early morning workouts – NOT! Bootcamp where this man is yelling at me for not drinking water out of a canteen that wasn’t mine – NOT! I came to my senses a few days after 9/11. I was like umm, thank you for your time, but this isn’t for me.

16. I don’t do drugs. They have never provided any substantial value to my life. I don’t even smoke…but you can thank my first super crush Vincent for that. He told me that pretty girls don’t smoke. #BOOM

17. I’m addicted to massages and facials. Trying to figure out how to keep getting them and save money at the same time. #FirstWorldProblems

18. I love to travel. Love. I love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. When I’m not able to travel physically, I do it through movies. I heart foreign films. You can feel the emotion and passion and not even know what they are saying. Life is so much more than words.

19. My last day at my job was Feb. 13th (Wow, this is really old. This was like 2008 I think.) and I don’t want to get another full-time job. Shhh don’t tell my parents. I want to travel and pursue the passions mentioned above. I want to travel and write about life, learn how to manufacture my product designs, get an acting coach, etc.

20. I do want to work full-time. I enjoy a salary. It helps me to enjoy all those massages and facials, cabs and dining out, mani’s and pedi’s. Heck it helps me enjoy going to the ER or doctor and not obsessing about the bill I will get in the mail 45 days later.

21. I am a bundle of contradictions. See #19 and #20. I’m seeking balance. Balance is my life goal. I’m a North Node Libra.

22. I totally believe in Astrology. Not horoscopes, astrology. Although I do read horoscopes from select sites. www.drstandley.com www.astrologyzone.com and www.stariq.com I’ve also had my natal chart, lunar and planetary transits done. My sun sign is Sagittarius and the characteristics truly apply.

23. So, I’m sure because of #22 a lot of you super religious peeps are ready to throw some holy water and rebuke the devil out of me. Don’t worry I totally believe in GOD. What I don’t believe is that Christ is the only way to GOD. I believe that there are truth and errors in all religions but GOD is 100% supreme in our hearts.

24. I have a big heart. I’ve got a lot of love to give to friends, family, romantic partners, etc. I love to love…it feels so good. I’m like a little angel at times and my only task is to love. So many people need to be loved and want to be loved so they can soon learn how to Love.

25. I have a real love for Life. And I want others to feel the same. I secretly want to inspire people. Well I guess it’s not really a secret since I leave inspirational quotes on my VM, email, etc. So, I guess I will leave one here…”Live life powerfully and live the life you love!” – shout out to Landmark


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MsK_NY (@MsK_NY) April 5, 2013 at 12:37 pm

OMG, is this a picture of you? It is adorable! Love the list – I don’t think you ever told me you lived in Germany?Laughing about #2! Until I came to NY I had never even used wash cloths, that is something my Granny used so not sure why this is such a thing here.
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Toya | The Limerick Lane April 6, 2013 at 11:28 am

Loved this!
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T. Nicole May 22, 2013 at 10:04 am

Thank you lady!


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